Brazilian Organic Guarana Powder from Goji King

Brazilian Organic Guarana Powder

Guarana is the well-known plant in the Brazilian rain forest. It is an evergreen climbing vine indigenous to the Amazon Basin and is mainly cultivated in Brazil. The word guarana comes from the Portuguese guaraná. Guarana plays an important role in Tupi and Guaraní Brazilian culture. Guarana fruit is of hazelnut size., and has black seed.

Chemically equivalent to caffeine, guaraná is of interest for its potential effects on cognition. In rats, guaraná increased memory retention and physical endurance when compared with a placebo. Traditionally Brazillan use Guarana seed to treat headaches, fever, aphrodisiac, bacterial infections etc etc. It increases concentration keeps a clear head and drives out mental boredom. Guararana also works as a sexual stimulant. Mixed with coffee it strengthens the effect of the caffeine, which means extra energy.

The Guaranís would make tea by shelling and washing the seeds, followed by pounding them into a fine powder. The powder is kneaded into a dough and then shaped into cylinders. This product is known as guarana bread or Brazilian cocoa, which would be grated and then immersed into hot water along with sugar.

Guarana is used in sweetened or carbonated soft drinks and energy shots, an ingredient of herbal tea or contained in capsules. Generally, while South America obtains most of its caffeine from guarana, many other Western countries are beginning to witness use of guarana in various energy and superfruit products

Suggested Use: 500-1000mg taken 1-2 times daily. Do not exceed 2000mg (2 grams) daily.

Relatively safe if taking responsibly. Persons with mental and physical disorders should ask their doctors before taking Guarana. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid this product because of problem of the alkaloids on infants.

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